August Nguyen

August Nguyen

Visual Communication Designer

oBike Redesign Concept

oBike is a bicycle-sharing platform that aims to offer a convenient, on demand mode of transportation. However, its mobile app — the only medium to use oBike’s service — fails to achieve the objectives.


Among 25 users we have surveyed, more than half were facing issues using the app, regardless whether they are new to the app or not. On average, a new user takes more than three minutes to reserve a bike using the app.

The biggest problems they were having were misunderstanding of iconography, and difficulties finding what they need due to misplacing of function and unconventional design.


Instead of minimal fixes, we decided to revamp the whole user experience by repositioning everything into their ‘rightful’ places, restructuring the flow of actions, hiding away or omitting unnecessary functions, and scaling up essential buttons. Besides, we also used a better set of icons and more call-to-action language.



It’s now easier to find the torch button to unlock the bike using QR scanning when it’s dark. Switching to and back from manual entry mode is also more fluid than before.


Better use of icons and language to eliminate misunderstanding. More linear menu structuring for easier access.


Broader map view with integrated navigation mode and real-time cost calculation. Instantly access trip assistant or end the trip manually when facing technical problems.



August Nguyen
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